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5/10/2024 - NOTICE: Shaded fuel breaks to begin in the District May 13

Dear Brushy Creek MUD residents,

Starting May 13, weather permitting, the District will conduct shaded fuel breaks at a greenbelt area between Sarah Christine Lane and Archipelago Trail, as indicated by the map provided. Once crews begin, work is planned to conclude within seven working days. We will update residents on progress as events warrant. 

Shaded fuel breaks are part of a land management strategy intended to decrease the spread and intensity of wildfires and augment the ability of firefighters to control fires.

This method is recommended by the Texas Forest Service and involves trimming trees and removing underbrush from a roughly 30-foot-wide strip of land on District property. Specifically, trees or shrubs with a trunk circumference of 1 inch or less will be removed, and those with a trunk circumference of 1 inch or greater will be trimmed. Larger branches that have fallen from trees or that are broken and hanging from trees will also be removed.

If your property is adjacent to a park, trail, or greenbelt, the District is planning to have contracted crews conduct shaded fuel breaks. We will continue to inform our residents when and where these operations will take place as we obtain further information.

Please feel free to contact the District at 512-255-7871 if you have concerns or questions, or if you would like to speak further about the project.

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