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4/15/2024 - June 21: Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out

Parents go out, and kids stay in! Enjoy sports, games, playground time, and entertainment - all supervised by our staff. Dinner and a snack are provided. Bring your sleeping bag for movie time! Advance registration is required. Children must be potty trained. 

Fridays  5:00 - 9:00 pm
Community Center

Ages:  3 - 10 years

$25 BCCC Member | $30 BCMUD Resident | $40 Non-Resident         

April 12: Earth Day Activities

       Dinner: Chicken Nuggets & Mac N Cheese
      Dessert: Cookies
      Activity: Puffy Paint Earths 

*May: NO PNO*

June 21 “Give It Up Sid. You Know Humans Can’t Talk.”

      Dinner: Pizza
      Dessert: Popsicles
      Movie: Ice Age 

July 12: Patriotic Festivities

      Dinner: Mini Corndogs & Chips
      Dessert: Ice Cream Sandwiches
      Activity: Mentos Bottle Rockets 

August 2 All Hail The New York Giants!

      Dinner: Chicken Nuggets & Fries 
      Dessert: Cupcakes
      Movie: Madagascar

September 13: Glow in the Dark Activities

      Dinner: Pizza
      Dessert: Brownies
      Activity: Glow in the dark Gym Dance Party


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